Orlando modular large sofa in a modern living room setting by Maker and Son.

Modular Design For Modern Comfort, Naturally

SEP 17, 2021

The flexibility and convenience you expect from modular furniture with all the comfort you expect from Maker&Son

Our first ever modular furniture range, Orlando, was inspired by many of the customers we’ve met since we launched the business; customers who are looking for wonderfully comfortable furniture made from natural materials, and want flexibility and a contemporary look.

Orlando’s profile features a straight back and sides that mean it fits flush to the wall to maximise the space of the room. Equally impressive, and arguably the most striking aspect of Orlando is the base and beautiful curved arms, which are simply packed full of natural foam padding that supports you in every direction imaginable.

Orlando is the middle name of our founder Felix and has a literary heritage meaning ‘famous throughout the land’. However, to us it means comfort, timeless design, modular practicality and flexibility…

Comfort First

Housed within Orlando’s beech handmade frame is an abundance of internal padding that delivers exceptional comfort from all sides of the sofa. Because it is “tucked away” underneath the upholstery, you enjoy a clean and pared back aesthetic.

This internal padding runs all the way from one arm to the other, wrapping around the modular’s frame, ensuring even the corners are cosy. Both arms feature a padded bolster within the beautiful curved profile. This wrap-around effect means you can sit or lie comfortably sideways or lengthways and spread out in any direction you prefer. This makes Orlando super modular with the freedom to sit or lie however you like and the freedom to move the sofa around from room to room or house to house as you make changes in life.

With all that comfort packed inside the frame, Orlando has a neater look than our Song, Marnie and Otter furniture but has the same beautifully practical, removable, washable covers.

Orlando modular sofa and footstool by Maker and Son in a modern lounge room setting featuring large wooden beams and fire place.

Timeless Design

We are from a big family and we design products with the purpose of bringing families together, celebrating the milestones of growing up and growing old. Comfort is at the heart of everything that we do. Unlike those who create new looks for every passing trend, our approach at Maker&Son is fundamentally different. We design furniture that might have been in the family for generations or furniture that will be in the family for generations to come.

We create beautiful, timeless pieces which make people feel truly comfortable – physically and emotionally. Everything we create is made from only natural materials, responsibly sourced and carefully crafted to make a lasting, positive, difference to people’s lives. To achieve this, material and construction is vital. Our furniture is made by hand, by wonderful craftspeople using traditional techniques.

All of these founding principles continue to sit at the heart of all that we do, and Orlando is no exception. We are so pleased to welcome Orlando to the Maker&Son family.


You can configure Orlando’s modular pieces in many different ways to suit your space and your changing needs. Whether you’d like a standard, large or extra-large sofa, a corner, chaise or even a horseshoe, you can make your sofa bespoke to you and your space. For peace of mind, the individually covered pieces are secured to each other with our clever, adjustable croco-clips.

Orlando modular sofa and footstool by Maker and Son in a modern lounge room setting.

Modular Flexibility:

You can configure Orlando to suit your lifestyle. Being modular means, Orlando can be arranged to suit your needs – whether you’re socialising, working from home, or enjoying a lazy movie night.

Whether you live in a Victorian house with a narrow hallway, an open plan apartment on the ground floor to top floor, or even a loft or barn conversion. Neither a unique space, nor unique access issues are a barrier for Orlando. Thanks to its flexible, easy to configure 1m x 1m units, you can make the most of your comfortable space.

Modular Convenience:

The great thing about a modular sofa like Orlando is that you can swap around the size and shape of your furniture simply by moving, adding, or taking away sections. We can make Orlando as a standard, large or extra-large sofa, and then you could also pair it with a footstool to make a corner or chaise sofa too, or you can make your sofa as bespoke to you and your space as you like.

Modular Style:

Adding to its flexible style are Orlando’s loose covers that are washable covers crafted from beautiful, natural fabrics such as our new Brushed Cottons. Featuring a short skirt that reveals tapered solid walnut legs, the covers are made from soft yet durable brushed cotton, this unique and long-wearing upholstery fabric comes from a Lancashire family of longstanding weavers that have produced this blended weave since 1815.

In this way, Orlando’s loose covers can also adapt to evolving lifestyles and colour preferences that will look immediately stylish yet maintain their appearance wash after wash.